Enjoy the Show

This is the first show fully released as an NFT collection on Solana.

Each NFT corresponds to a unique episode of the animated web series and there will only be one copy of each.

Owners will become a key part of the development and success of the project.

Collect a
dying pigeon

You can buy a part of our collection on Magic Eden.

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Collect a
dying pigeon

Season 2 Mint opens on
April 7th 19:00 UTC

Collect a
dying pigeon

You can buy a part of our collection on Alpha.art​

Una paloma muriendo... WTF?

It’s spanish anon… because this project has been born in Barcelona.

“Una paloma muriendo” means “a dying pigeon“, and this is exactly what you’re getting: pigeons, dying.

In every crazy way possible.

Enter the cult of the pigeon.



This is a long-term project. A community-centered initiative that includes different collections built on Solana, each one with a specific utility and all of them are engineered to deliver great fun to owners & viewers. Here are the upcoming steps:

  1. Giveaway: exclusive NFTs from the Classic Art Mashups collection
  2. Public mint: Season One. 21 – 1 Episodes, 21 NFTs
  3. Public mint: Season Two. 21 Episodes, 21 NFTs
  4. Public mint: Season Three. 21 Episodes, 21 NFTs
  5. Public mint: Season… Yesss the show must go on!
  6. Public mint: PFP collection made of exclusive characters from the Show
  7. Una Paloma Muriendo exclusive merch for NFT owners
  8. THE PPP (A pigeon party 😎)
  9. The Pigeon Airlines *

* Well… The Pigeon Airlines was just a joke when defining project milestones.

But that would be awesome if the community brings us up to that point.

NFT owners will have lifetime free tickets.



The nonsense. The logic. The truth

Una paloma muriendo captures the essence of every city where pigeons cannot be exterminated.

Unlimited respawn is the rule.

Our response? We kill them all.

Unexpected, surprising, funny deaths to watch, share, own and enjoy.

The production will go on as long as any pigeon is able to shit on the streets.

Free the pigeon

Una paloma muriendo was originally released on Instagram back in 2018.

The feedback was amazing and we developed a strong bond with our community.

But at some point IG decided that it was enough.

The sign was clear, we needed another playground to extend our creativity freely.


We sympathize with all other artists that have been unfairly forced to leave their projects because it was dictated by some centralized entity.

We also contribute to the decentralization of our society in all possible aspects, especially economically and freedom of speech.

The Team

The show was initially created by two friends from Barcelona as a small piece inside a bigger production.

Una paloma muriendo was like The Itchy & Scratchy Show from The Simpsons.

Just that it became way better than the bigger production itself.


Jimmy El Motion
Draws lines
Hits things with sticks


Makes sounds
Redefining “random”
Also writes



Writes again!

Now, code for Metaplex

Trying to solve problems

Solana verified contract: 0x6409d3A686c2ab9b418Fb3CB5b4778509c5cADd6

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